Summer Camps at JAS

Camps meet Monday -Thursday 9am-Noon

Early registration is $195 ($225 after March 1st)*discounted price will be extended to June 1st

Classes are considered full with 10 students and require a minimum of 4 students.

The Great Blue Sea. Week 1, June 29-July 2

Click to register, Age reccomendation for this camp is 5-12

Celebrate the 2020 Pantone color of the year, classic blue, with ocean themed artwork. Our focus technique will be fluid art/paint pouring. Throughout the week students will use a wide variety of media including acrylic, mixed media, clay and 3d media.


Stop motion animation! Week 2, July 6-10

Click to register,  Age reccomendation for this camp is 8-14

Stop motion video week! The class will work together this week to design and create characters from modeling clay and write and produce a short stop motion video that will be published to youtube.

Color wonder! Week 3, July 13-18

Click to register, Age recommendation for this camp is 5-12

Learn about olor theory and the history of color in art then use this knowledge to create thoughtfully designed mosaic artwork. Stundents will also work in a variety of media, including acrylic paint, clay, mixed media, etc.

"Figuring" Week 4,  August 10-17

Click to register, Age reccomendation for this camp is 10-16

Start with the basics of figure drawing and delve into the history and technique of Manga (Japanese comic art or anime). Students will create thier own characters, learn to create Expressions, proper proportion, dynamic movement and coloring techniques.